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  roberson staff
Antonio Roberson
Senior Designer & Creative Director

A graduate of Howard University, he has managed and produced numerous promotional campaigns, corporate identity systems, and many other visual communications projects for national and international clients.
Ebony Kenney
Art Director

Ebony recently received her MA in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore. She enjoys the tangible quality in creating compelling print design as well as the abstract complexity of web coding and usability standards.
Donna Potts
Senior Marketing Executive

Donna provides project planning encompassing marketing, business development, public affairs, media relations and branding.
Nicolene du Toit
Graphic Designer

Nicolene's organizational design skills and strong grasp of design software help her to excel in both print and web design. She is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a BA in Graphic Design.
Neville Waters
Marketing Executive

Neville has extensive experience in marketing, communications, entertainment, event management and production. In addition to stints with both the WNBA and the NBA Development League. It should also be noted that during his graduate studies at Georgetown, Mr. Waters won $5,000 on a game show.
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